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Jewish Calabria קאלאבריה יוהדית
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giovedì 6 marzo 2008

Benedetto Musolino, the First Zionist

He was born in Pizzo Calabro, Calabria.
He was the first who proposed the Jewish State in Eretz and the Hebrew as its national language

Musolino, the Zionist
Sraya Shapiro, Jerusalem Post 04-03-1997
The first Zionist to claim Palestine for the Jews did it long before Herzl published his Altneuland.
He was Benedetto Musolino, a scion of a noble family in Calabria, southern Italy, says Bianca Romano-Segre, a veteran journalist who settled in Tel Aviv with her late husband just before World War II.
Musolino was an Italian patriot. He had studied philosophy and law, he took part in the rebellion against the Bourbons (for which he was imprisoned) and he lived as an exile in France and England. Musolino joined Garibaldi in the fight for a united Italy, and was ultimately honored as a member of parliament and a senator.
He died in 1885.

The Jewish Encylopedia
In the year 1870 [wrong, it was in 1851] Benedetto Musolino, a Christian and a fervent Italian patriot, worked out a complete plan for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, demonstrating the advantage of such a state not only to the Jews, but also to the Ottoman empire and to England.
In vain he tried to interest Lord Palmerston and the Rothschilds in the plan. Even his work "La Gerusalemme e il Popolo Ebreo" remained unpublished [actually, it was published in 1951 in Italian, and at the University of Jerusalem, Archive of the family Artom, there is a manuscript with a translation in Hebrew] ("The Maccabæan," 1905, p. 225).

The Jewish Agency for Israel
Benedetto Musolino (1809-1885) publishes "Gerusalemme e il Popolo Ebreo" - "Jerusalem and the Jewish People". He is influenced by the prevailing nationalist ideas which claim the right of all people for self-determination.
Benedetto Musolino was born in the townlet of Pizzo. He was active in "The Sons of New Italy" underground movement, and in 1848 was elected to the new parliament of the Kingdom of Naples. He was active in the declaration of Calabria as a new republic. He served in the army as a colonel and then in Garibaldi's army as a general. For some time he was a member of the Italian parliament and from 1880 was a senator.

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